Italian Flag throwers

Italian flag throwers, our tradition. Flag throwing show Italy.

“Maestà della Battaglia” is a group of italian flag throwers, known also as flag wavers, from Quattro Castella, Reggio Emilia in Italy.

During all year our drummers, trumpeters and flag throwers train in order to realize amazing shows. We perform in the major medieval festivals and numerous events around the world, such as the Cavalcade of the Magi in Pamplona (Spain), Chingay Parade in Singapore, The International Folklore Festival in Paso Fundo (Brazil) and many others (France, Swiss, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria…).

Our flag throwers can juggle and spin up to six flags at the same time (flag juggling). Moreover our musicians could play more difficult and evocative fragments, but Always permament to Medieval Music. Thank to this “Maestà della Battaglia” became one of the most important group in Italy.

Along with our Musicians we can choreograph spectacular shows to fit any space, even a football field. Our years of experience allows us to adapt and create a variety of displays, from smaller stage performances to larger outdoor venues. Furthermore “Maestà della Battaglia” offer a fire juggling show supported by our drummers and trumpeters.


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Our History

Our name, Maestà della Battaglia, means Shrine of the Battle. It comes from a small sanctuary called Madonna della Battaglia in Quattro Castella, which was built to commemorate an important battle site. Legend says that during a difficult battle a great fog descended. This gave Matilda of Canossa’s soldiers a great advantage as they knew the land well, and they were able to defeat the soldiers of Henry IV. Some years after this battle in 1111 Henry V, the son of Henry IV, coronated Matilda of Canossa Vice-Queen of Italy.

“…In 1111, on his way back to Germany, Henry V meet her at the Castle of Bianello, near Reggio Emilia. Matilda confirmed him the inheritance rights over the fiefs that Henry IV disputed her, thus ending a fight that had lasted over twenty years. Henry V gave Matilda a new title: between 6 and 11 May 1111, the Emperor crowned Matilda as “Imperial Vicar and Vice-Queen of Italy”. This episode was the decisive step towards the Concordat of Worms.”